The Italian Taster Study Center is a leader in the sensorial analysis scenario. Their activities space from highly specialized food sensorial analysis, to education, research, and publishing.


I worked as a researcher and analyst, side by side with four other researchers and psychologists.

The problem

The client wanted to bring innovation in their trading and education activities. They ask us to analyze their processes and to improve them by drawing from the latest educational methodology. 


  • Interview
  • Observation
  • Desk Research
  • Autoethnography

Research findings

Our researches have shown three main topics of interest regarding the educational process applied by CSA trainers: preparation, assessments, and the management of unexpected circumstances.

Constructivism framework

We choose to rely on constructivism as a base model for our proposal, an innovative educational approach which perfectly suits every requirement and desired elements. A constructivism approach was also perfect to handling the main criticalities revealed by our researches, such as the focus on competence over knowledge and flexibility.

Our solution

Our proposal was named ForMa, a FORmation MAnagement tool designed to handle the lessons preparation process flow.
The main function of ForMa is to guide the teacher into choosing the perfect contents and strategies for any specific situation and to the setup of a competence-oriented assessment strategy.
ForMa came also with a side-function of "managing strategy repository", a shared database where every teacher could add possible or actual "unexpected critical event", how it could be handled and personal feedbacks about his experience.

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