I'm Andrea, 

based in Milan, Italy

Whatever may be your challenge now, good luck!

I'm a millennial in the balance between my dual nature of technophile and humanist.
I've graduated in Psychological Science and Technique at Bicocca University and in Clinical Psychology at Padua University, specializing in an interactionist dialogical approach. Then, I had a Master degree in Human-Machine Interaction and Design sponsored by the Italian National Research Congress and worked as a researcher and designer since that.

I'm one of the Admins of UX/UI Designer Italia community. The most important italian community specialized in UX and UI. 
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Proudly a bookworm
Interested in everything (easily bored)
Critical mind (maybe too much)

What does it mean to be a "designer"?

The word "de-sign" came from the Latin word "signum" which means signal, mark, symbol. Etymologically, it means to "make a representation about something". You can de-sign the present situation, to create an abstract model and understand it, but you can also de-sign something that has to be done and that's why design is also a creative process (in Italy we use the word "progettare", which literally means "to throw ahead"). 
That's the essence of design to me: analysis, understanding, problem-solving, ideating, creating.

What does psychology have to do with all of this?

Studying psychology means to study a lot of different theoretical models about how people behave, think and make sense of the world and their problems.
play_arrow It teaches you to analyze how people take a decision and what kind of biases affect logical reasoning.
play_arrow It teaches you to understand how people feel and to be able to empathize with their emotions.
 play_arrowIt teaches you how people create meanings and mental models of themselves, other people, and even social constructs such as group, role and cultural values.

Every design process is about shaping what people can experience and how they can interact.

My guiding principles

play_arrow Process above all: the real value lies in well-designed flows of interactions between actors and resources.
play_arrow  Everything is communication: every touchpoint and every detail say something about you and your service.
 People want meaningsplay_arrow: products, services and interfaces are simply mediums; people crave for meanings and everything they do shape their sense of the world and themselves.

Every design process is a sensemaking design.

Case studies

I can't show most of my work due to NDA and patent protection, but here you can find some case studies and side projects.

Here's a list of some of the project in wich I was involved: